Prosight Expands Project Portfolio Management Solution

ProSight and EPK Group have extended their partnership to supply customers with a complete solution for portfolio, project and resource management. Based upon ProSight's solution for Project Portfolio Management (PPM), and EPK-Suite Version 4.1 for the Microsoft Office EPM Solution, this new release of ProSight Resource Manager, powered by EPK-Suite, extends and expands ProSight's established PPM solution suite to incorporate the latest resource management offerings from EPK Group.

The release enables organizations to manage resource utilization, plan resource capacity and optimally schedule projects that maximize business value. The integration between ProSight Portfolios and ProSight Resource Manager Version 4.1 means organizations can prioritize and control project investments based on live resource data. While portfolio management users typically use resource roll-up summaries to plan investments, they can also drill down from the portfolio view to look at the resource data in detail.

ProSight's investment management solutions enable enterprises to propose, plan and control investments of all types, providing the optimum value to the business. For project investments, ProSight's strategy is to manage the investment process for projects and project proposals directly, while partnering with EPK Group and Microsoft to provide detailed resource management and project management, respectively. The result is a "no-compromise" solution that integrates high functionality to support PPM activity from the most strategic to the most tactical.

This ProSight Resource Manager release provides many new capabilities for ensuring that scarce resources are assigned to the right efforts and for tracking how staff time is being used. Resource planning has been greatly enhanced to support the entire resource negotiation process and performs detailed resource plan analysis. Other enhancements include the ability to allocate the percentage of a project's costs to multiple programs, enhanced views, improved performance and the ability to make auditable timesheet adjustments.

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