FSMLabs Issues the RTLinuxPro 2 Development Kit v.2.2.3

FSMLabs releases the RTLinuxPro 2 Development Kit (2.2.3). The main application targets for this release include hardware-in-loop (HIL) simulation, telecom and network equipment, enterprise/factory real-time and mobile devices.

This RTLinux release includes updates or new technology in the following areas:
- LNet zero-copy hard real-time networking support on everything from gigabit Ethernet to Firewire 1394 and USB 2.0. Applications already in the field using LNet include robotics and telecom switching.
- LNet real-time networking in the memory-protected PSDD environment.
- Linux 2.6.16 support for x86 32-bit and 64-bit processors.
- FSMLabs Eclipse IDE
- Matlab support including execution of code generated from Simulink and Real-Time Workshop.
- Board support packages including support for the new Curtiss-Wright Manta Quad PowerPC, the Cogent CSB637 ARM920, Diamond Systems PC104 boards, SBS cPCI, FreeScale 5200, PQ3 reference boards, IXP 425 and others.
- Real-time A/D drivers including support for the Diamond Systems and United Electronic Industries (UEI) devices.
- FSMLabs Carrier Grade Linux and Carrier Grade RTLinux.

FSMLabs' Embedded Enterprise initiative aims at exploiting the productive synergy between state-of-the-art POSIX real-time in FSMLabs' RTCore, and the sophisticated capabilities and rich base of drivers, middleware and applications available on the Linux and BSD clients.

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