Dell's Two New Desktops and Precision 390 Workstation

Dell has extended the breadth of its desktop and workstation products with three new systems. Two new desktops - the XPS 410 and Dimension 9200 - and the Dell Precision 390 Workstation offer custom-built configurations including Intel Core 2 Duo and Extreme processors to deliver dramatic performance improvements for applications ranging from 3-D entertainment to 3-D engineering design.

The XPS 410 and Dimension 9200 can achieve up to 30 percent better performance for productivity, 35 percent enhanced management of digital photos, videos and music and 47 percent better gaming performance. The Precision 390 Workstation can deliver improvements up to 63 percent in compute performance, up to 56 percent in application benchmarks and up to 88 percent in graphics performance for computer-aided design (CAD), architectural engineering and digital content creation versus the comparable Extreme Edition processor on the Dell Precision 380.

With options for Intel Core 2 Duo processors and advanced NVIDIA and ATI graphics, AGEIA physics accelerators and data protection utilities, the XPS 410 consumer and Dimension 9200 small-business desktop are suitable hubs for home entertainment or office productivity. The desktops' silver and white chassis implement Dell QuietCase and BTX technologies to help keep the system running quietly and cool in nearly any environment. The tool-less chassis makes it easy to add, upgrade and replace parts.

Along with the Dimension E310, E510, 3100, and 5150 desktops, the new systems also offer factory-installed Dell DataSafe options to help protect digital content and data and easily retrieve accidentally deleted files.

Customers can get problems resolved quickly with comprehensive Dell support, including complimentary DellConnect remote assistance that enables a technician to troubleshoot and help solve issues over a high-speed broadband connection during the lifetime of the customer's limited warranty. The XPS 410 offers consumers XPS concierge-level sales and support service including prioritized call queues with specially trained hardware technicians. The Dimension 9200 desktop's service options provide small businesses with resolution management by a single account manager, collaborative support for third-party products and regular notification of system updates.

XPS 410 and Dimension 9200 Highlights:
- Up to 4 GB dual-channel DDR2 800 MHz memory
- Up to two SATA hard drives including 160 GB (7.200 and 10.000 RPM), 250 GB, and 500 GB capacities with DataSafe data protection options
- Ports include two front and six back USB ports, optional 13-in-1 media card reader, and optional front 1394
- Microsoft Windows XP Home, Pro and Media Center Edition 2005 operating systems; Microsoft Vista capability

The Dell Precision 390 continues Dell's drive to deliver maximum performance for the price, complementing the recently announced Dell Precision 690 and 490 desktop workstations. In addition to the Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors, the Dell Precision 390 Workstation features OpenGL graphics to manipulate high-resolution images.

The Dell Precision 390 also incorporates an improved chassis that provides excellent flexibility for deployment or redeployment. For example, customers can easily convert between a tower and desktop configuration and, because the chassis is rack-mountable, it can be ideal for larger, networked deployments. Large front bezel vents and a new real-time thermal sensor help improve airflow to better manage system thermals. The real-time thermal sensor also helps improves fan efficiency for an average 20 percent improvement in idle acoustics.

Dell Precision customers can also take advantage of increased efficiency and customization with Dell's new Advanced Configuration Services. At time of purchase, customers can modify and customize the standard Dell operating system and configurations of the systems they're ordering.

Dell Precision 390 Highlights:
- Scalable architecture performance with front side bus that scales from single core 800 MHz to dual core 1, 066 MHz and 2 MB to 4 MB L2 cache
- Memory scalability up to 8 GB
- A range of SATA and SAS hard drives up to 750 GB including RAID functionality, and configurable for up to four hard drives, with RAID configuration possible with two or more drives
- NVIDIA and ATI graphics options for excellent graphics performance.

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