Matrox's EpicA Series Graphics Cards for Thin Clients

Matrox Graphics announces EpicA series dual- and quad-display graphics cards designed for thin clients and other mission-critical systems. EpicA products have new, innovative, server-based software from Matrox to manage multi-display configurations in remote sessions. The cards also feature support for 2 or 4 digital and analog monitors at a time, small form factors, low power consumption, passive (fanless) cooling, and PCI bus interfaces.

The EpicA series includes the TC4, TC2, and TC2-Lite models. EpicA TC4 supports 4 monitors at a time and has 128 MB of graphics memory. EpicA TC2 and EpicA TC2-Lite support 2 monitors at a time and have 64 MB and 32 MB of graphics memory, respectively. All EpicA products have display driver support for Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded (XPe), and Linux operating systems, and support Microsoft RDP, Citrix ICA for Windows, and Linux rdesktop remote connection software.

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