Mentor Graphics Calibre nmDRC Compatible with AMD Opteron

Mentor Graphics Corporation has announced that the Calibre nmDRC tool is fully supported and qualified on the AMD Opteron processor. Calibre nmDRC demonstrated dramatic scalability improvement during benchmark tests, providing exceptional run time improvements for integrated circuit (IC) designs developed at advanced nanometer technologies.

Using AMD's most advanced 90nm microprocessor design as the verification test vehicle, AMD successfully conducted productivity benchmarks evaluating performance of the new Calibre nmDRC.

Hyperscaling technology dramatically reduces run times through advanced multi-threading methods, improves scalability on existing hardware, and efficiently uses both single and dual-core CPUs. Hyperscaling technology provides great design computing environment flexibility for customers as it accelerates IC design physical verification using shared memory processor systems or distributed rack systems. Hyperscaling provides the fastest single CPU and multi-CPU performance to verify blocks in seconds and full chips in hours. Hyperscaling improves productivity for designers working on mature designs on the most advanced 90nm designs.

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