SightSpeed Releases Version 5.0

SightSpeed is to unveil the latest version of its personal video services with the debut of SightSpeed 5.0. With 5.0, SightSpeed will offer a high quality and first complete suite of easy-to-use personal video services that are delivered over the Internet for both Windows PCs and Macintosh personal computers and are interoperable between both.

In addition to significant enhancements to its award winning video communications services, SightSpeed 5.0 adds all new PSTN Out and In-calling features, giving SightSpeed users the ability to make and receive great quality voice calls to and from regular telephones and cell phones at competitive rates. SightSpeed 5.0 also introduces free and unlimited PC to PC voice-only calling which, as do all of SightSpeed's award winning features, works cross platform between Macs and PCs. With 5.0, SightSpeed's real-time communications suite is complete with the best quality video and voice over IP (VVoIP), voice over IP (VoIP) and text (IM) solution.

SightSpeed 5.0 also introduces a new extension of its personal video services with SightSpeedTV, a place shifting television viewing feature that gives users with a TV capture card the ability to watch their TV anywhere in the world on their PC or Mac for personal use. SightSpeedTV requires no additional hardware and comes complete with an intuitive "remote control" interface, enabling true channel surfing. SightSpeedTV will be introduced as a beta feature that is available for free to all SightSpeed users.

While fleshing out its overall suite of best in class personal video services, SightSpeed 5.0 stays true to the company's central mission of providing the world's best free Internet video communications services. SightSpeed adds a new enhanced video codec to 5.0 and, once again, raises the bar for video calling and makes the best even better. Users of SightSpeed 5.0 will immediately see significantly enhanced video clarity across all network conditions, while continuing to experience full 30 frames per second video, no latency, and perfect synch of video and voice unmatched by any other service.

Recognizing the importance of its fast-growing Mac user base, SightSpeed 5.0 places the Mac user experience at true parity with the PC experience. SightSpeed 5.0 also adds important enhancements to its video blogging capabilities with extended two minute video recording time; and to overall ease of use, including support for portable devices and the introduction of "My SightSpeed" click-to-call buttons that can be easily placed in blogs, websites and emails.

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