Samsung's New High-density MMC Cards Are Developed

Samsung Electronics says it has successfully developed the world's highest density MMC card, which is based on Samsung's MLC NAND flash memory technology. Samsung has also unveiled the highest performing MMC card, which is built on SLC NAND flash technology. With added density and higher performance, the new Samsung MMCplus cards are designed to enhance customer convenience for a variety of mobile applications. The MMCplus card, based on Samsung's 8-gigabit NAND flash memory, will be unveiled with a 8-gigabyte density, allowing it to store up to 2.000 MP3 music files or 8 hours of DVD-quality movies. The 8GB card will be part of a full line up of MLC-based MMCplus cards that also will include 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB offerings.

Samsung has also introduced a separate card advancement: a higher performance MMC that more than triples the performance of conventional small-form-factor memory cards. This higher performance version makes use of SLC NAND flash memory and delivers a read-speed of 40Mbytes/s and a write-speed of 25Mbytes/s. The MMCplus card can save 6 MP3 songs per second, or 2 hours of DVD-quality movies in less than a minute. The card will be available in these 2 variations: a 1GB and a 2GB density.

Samsung's new cards are expected to be available in the second half of this year.

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