Canon Issues Console Image Control and Storage Software v. 1.1

Canon's Console Image Control and Storage software Version 1.1 offers broadcasters, cinematographers and production studios additional functionality and compatibility with Canon's new XH A1 and XH G1 HD Camcorders.

Console Version 1.1 software lets users control nearly all their Canon camcorder functions (including the XL2, XL H1 and new XH A1 and XH G1 models) with just a Windows based laptop or desktop and a FireWire cable. Users can also monitor their shots with a built-in Vectrascope and Waveform monitor; and record their footage directly to a computer hard drive.

With the updated Console software, users can control all of the expanded features available in Canon's new XH A1 and XH G1 camcorders, including an extended parameter range, access to all custom pre-sets; control up to +36db of Gain; +1.25 / -1.25 of AE Shift; white balance preset shift; color correction and sky detail. The latest version of console is also compatible with the feature set of the Canon XL H1 HD camcorder and Canon XL2 SD Camcorder.

Now, based on user feedback, Console Version 1.1 software includes added keyboard shortcuts for smoother operation. Additionally, when recording video to tape and hard drive simultaneously, the resulting footage will now have a matching time code.

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