UniPress Releases New Version of FootPrints LANsurveyor

UniPress Software has announced a major upgrade to its FootPrints LANsurveyor product. Powered by Neon Software's LANsurveyor 9.6, the latest version of this integrated add-on solution to the FootPrints service desk product line has significant enhancements to further assist service and IT help desk managers in solving customer and employee problems faster, including auto-discovery of IT assets, network diagramming, intrusion detection, and new support for Linux clients.

FootPrints LANsurveyor integrates network management and IT asset discovery functionality seamlessly with the FootPrints web-based service desk, saving support and IT organizations valuable time during the customer problem-resolution process. With FootPrints LANsurveyor, support agents have instant access to valuable configuration information and are able to easily pinpoint the physical location of network problems. This helps agents speed up problem resolution and ensure data accuracy, and helps their organization decrease incident management costs. Agents no longer need to visit users' desktops, nor do they need to locate and interact with users to gain information about their desktops.

New in FootPrints LANsurveyor:
* New network auto-discovery techniques - LANsurveyor now probes wide area networks, virtual LANs, router-to-switch and router-to-router connectivity, and VMware. Network maps are more complete.
* Faster diagramming - New algorithm generates network diagrams more quickly and supports multiple levels of undo/redo.
* Enhancements to Continuous Scan Intrusion Detection - When new nodes are detected, they are added to the network diagram. Network maps are automatically saved on schedule.
* New Neon Responder v. 5.5 supports Linux - The Neon Responder client software is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and now Linux. Neon Responder supports leading Linux vendors Red Hat, Cent Os, SuSE, Debian, and UBuntu.
* FootPrints LANsurveyor 9.6 provides a complete and easy-to-use solution to automate IT asset tracking, store IT asset information, and map, manage, and report on an organization's entire network. It supports both PC and Mac environments and includes a central database that helps support groups quickly and easily run detailed asset reports within the FootPrints web-based service desk.
* FootPrints LANsurveyor 9.6 also offers an asset repository to collect information from workstations and servers via the optional Neon Responder client software. This information is stored in the built-in asset database. FootPrints LANsurveyor 9.6 uses either the Microsoft SQL Database Engine (MSDE), or Microsoft SQL Server database (either locally or across the network), to create asset data reports (custom reports, software inventory reports, etc.) for nodes, even if they are offline.

The newest version of this integrated add-on solution also uses CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) and LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) to provide more information about discovered nodes, and features new switch-to-switch algorithms that dramatically improve discovery of complicated networks.

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