Apple Issues Its New Multi-button Wireless Mighty Mouse

Apple says that the freshly released wireless Mighty Mouse, which now gives the added freedom of wireless connectivity, is available. The Mighty Mouse offers a secure connection to Macs and features a new laser tracking engine. It is 20 times more sensitive than standard optical mice. Apple's Mighty Mouse includes up to 4 programmable buttons and a Scroll Ball that lets users scroll in any direction. The Apple's Mighty Mouse is a Bluetooth 2.0 based mouse that retains the simplicity of a single-button mouse. It can also be used as a single- or multi-button mouse depending on the customer's choice.

The wireless Mighty Mouse features a single seamless enclosure with programmable touch sensors that act as primary or secondary buttons. With a simple click on the upper right or left side of the mouse, customers can instantly access features, for example, contextual menus found in Mac OS X etc. The Apple's Mighty Mouse's two other buttons can be activated by pressing its Scroll Ball and squeezing its sides. It can also be easily programmed to give users one-click access to Mac OS X "Tiger" features such as SpotlightT, Dashboard and Expos?T, or to launch any application such as SafariT or iChat.

The Apple's Mighty Mouse has an easy-to-use design that fits the left or right hand. It also includes an enhanced power management system that switches to low power modes during inactivity, and an off switch to maintain battery life while not in use. The Apple's wireless Mighty Mouse works with either one or two AA batteries.

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