Digigear Introduces EZ3D Photo Print

DigiGear is launching its most exciting product to date, EZ3D Photo Print. This product gives anyone the ability to take any digital photo and turn it into a stunning 3D photo in three EZ steps and in just minutes. Previously, in order to make 3D photos, you would have to use special cameras, 3D glasses or other complicated means in order to make a 3D photo. Well that has all changed with the introduction of EZ3D Photo Print. It is a product that is a suitable addition to the exploding print-at-home market. Plus, the product is so easy to use that all age groups can take advantage of it, including, Moms, Dads, kids, and even seniors. It is a product that spans all generations.

EZ3D Photo Print comes complete with everything you need to get started. (However, you will need a Windows based computer, and photo-quality printer, and photo paper works best.) At the center of the product is the EZ3D Photo Print software which is easily loaded on your PC and is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, ME and XP operating systems. Once loaded on the PC, all you have to do is to open the EZ3D software, select your image you wish to make 3D and import the image into the EZ3D software. Then the next step is to use the built-in rendering tool to outline the item in the photo you wish to make 3D. After you have done this, all you do is hit "print" and your EZ3D image will print out on your printer. Now just take this digital print and mount it behind the included EZ3D Photo lens and place it in the EZ3D frame and you now have your favorite EZ3D photo.

The EZ3D Photo Print starter kit includes the software, one EZ3D Photo Frame, one 4" x 6" lens for landscape photos and one 6" x 4" lens for portrait photos. For printing additional photos, the EZ3D Photo Print Refill kit is available and includes two 4" x 6" landscape lenses, two 6" x 4" portrait lenses and four EZ3D Photo Frames.

Now the update version is available for users to save the picture in JPG or BMP format. Users can develop the low cost 3D photo from local or online photo labs. Users don't need a photo quality printer to make 3D photos.

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