Link for Code Composer Studio Development Tools 2 Is Introduced

The MathWorks has announced the release of Link for Code Composer Studio Development Tools 2, which now enables developers deploying embedded software on TI's digital signal processors (DSP) and microcontrollers (MCU) to perform continuous verification of code, a core component of Model-Based Design. TI's Code Composer Studio (CCStudio) software is a fully integrated development environment for TI DSP and MCU platforms.

The time savings associated with Link for Code Composer Studio Development Tools come from two major improvements. First, the new version uses the CCStudio in-process communications and data-transfer technology to transfer test data between CCStudio software and MATLAB or Simulink, delivering up to 50 times faster performance than the previous version. The improved data transfer rates let engineers test embedded applications on TI's TMS320C6000 DSP, TMS320C5000 DSP, TMS320C2000 DSP-based controller, and OMAP platforms. Second, developers using Link for Code Composer Studio Development Tools can now construct test benches directly in Simulink, as well as MATLAB, using TI's RTDX (Real-Time Data eXchange) hardware and software to automate code verification.

Developers can also save time and reduce development costs by using Link for Studio Code Composer Development Tools in conjunction with Embedded Target for TI's C2000 DSP-based controller platform and Embedded Target for TI's C6000 DSP platform, add-ons available separately from The MathWorks. With these products, engineers can perform automatic code generation, prototyping, and embedded system deployment on TI's C2000 and C6000 DSPs, rather than relying on hand coding to implement their designs.

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