Beachhead Solutions' Lost Data Destruction Version 2.0

Beachhead Solutions has announced the release of Lost Data Destruction Version 2.0 software. LDD is a simple and easy to use software that combines intelligent encryption with enterprise-controlled data elimination. Banks, health care institutions, and other government and business entities using previous versions of LDD already enjoy the broad suite of protection for their corporate and customer data. Version 2.0 adds enhanced certificate management, allows individualized protection for multiple users on each PC and enables IT administrators to customize and increase security preparedness through remote scripting.

LDD automatically eliminates specified data on lost or stolen laptops to prevent its compromise or misuse. LDD's multi-layered approach protects against threats where encryption alone is ineffective, and secures or eliminates data even when a lost or stolen laptop is not connected to the Internet.

This software-based solution does not depend on end-user compliance or involvement, takes action with or without an Internet connection, and is particularly suitable for government and business entities that need greater control over confidential data.

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