Searchforvideo 3.0 by FUSA Capital Corporation Is Available

FUSA Capital Corporation has launched Searchforvideo 3.0, the latest version of the online video search portal that aggregates freely available video links from over 10.000 public sources. Searchforvideo 3.0 introduces a new website design across several popular video categories simplifying the discovery and viewing of free online video clips. Each video category displays more video clips, video publishers and updates more frequently throughout the day as new video links are found and posted to the site.

Due to the popularity of the Reel Time Lens, it is now available on every category page. The Reel Time Lens is a scrolling ticker tape that displays what videos are being watched by searchforvideo users as well as what video links are being added to the site in real time. It is a special tool to see what everyone is watching and what videos are popular.

Several enhancements have also been rolled out on the video search results pages including high quality images, instant sorting on search results by relevance or date and displaying more results per page.

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