Gateway Extends Its High-Definition Display Line-Up

Gateway has extended its line of High Definition displays to include a new 19-inch Widescreen LCD flat-panel model. The Gateway FPD1975W 19-inch HD Widescreen LCD builds upon the success of the Gateway FPD2185W 21-inch HD Widescreen LCD to deliver the many benefits of high-definition viewing to home and business customers. Gateway plans to bring to market other HD Widescreen LCDs this year and in 2007.

Usually reserved for much more expensive products, the new Gateway 19-inch HD Widescreen display boasts performance features that enhance the customer experience, such as a high resolution and contrast ratio, High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) support and advanced color calibration. The sleek design of the Gateway 19-inch HD LCD makes it suited for space- constrained environments, such as homes, dorm rooms, offices, call centers, hospitals and retail sites.

The Gateway 19-inch Widescreen Display offers investment protection and long-term functionality with High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) via a Digital Video Interface (DVI). The HDCP video content encryption chip is required for viewing high definition content if the attached PC is running Microsoft's upcoming operating system, Windows Vista. HDCP support also makes the new LCD compatible with cable and satellite high-definition video services.

The new Gateway 19-inch Widescreen Display is based on much of the same award-winning design that has been lauded in the Gateway FPD2185W 21-inch HD Widescreen Display. Awards for that product include:
o PC Magazine's Editor's Choice award and recognition as one of the Best Products of Q1 2006
o Computer Games awarded it an Editor's Choice, calling it "The Monitor of the Demigods"
o ExtremeTech gave it their Approved Award

Digital media hobbies, PC games, movies and other PC entertainment are enhanced by the display's incredibly stunning 300 cd/m2 brightness and fast 8ms refresh rate. Plus, the Gateway 19-inch HD Widescreen Display can highlight an array of video content via its VGA and DVI with HDCP ports. The DVI port provides an ideal viewing experience for everything from static digital pictures to high-definition-protected content and games. The display can receive input from a desktop or notebook computer, external cable or satellite box tuner, DVD player, PVR or game console.

Office productivity will be boosted by the feature-rich display, since computer users can view multiple applications or documents side-by-side. Professionals, such as engineers, photographers, graphic artists or those in healthcare, can clearly view detailed images and crisp graphics and information thanks to the system's high 1440 x 900 resolution and 700:1 contrast ratio. The system's advanced EzTune software provides on-screen PC controls for adjusting monitor settings and allows for software color calibration - a feature that those in creative and design fields such as graphics and photography will appreciate.

Gateway offers several options that extend the flexibility and usability of the Gateway 19-inch HD Widescreen display. The optional height adjustable stand can be raised, lowered, swiveled and tilted so customers can position it to meet their viewing needs. In addition, the stand allows the display to be rotated from landscape to portrait modes. Landscape mode provides enhanced viewing for widescreen functions, while portrait mode makes reading Web pages easier by eliminating the need to scroll to see the entire page and offers a better experience for displaying full-screen portrait photos. Integrated software automatically rotates the image when the display is repositioned from landscape to portrait mode and back.

The optional height adjustable stand also features an integrated USB 2.0 four-port hub making it easy to plug in a digital camera, MP3 player, keyboard, mouse or USB flash drive.

Gateway also offers an optional speaker bar that delivers high quality sound plus dual earphone inputs, making it suited for educational, training and business environments, where two students or employees may need to view material simultaneously.

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