Fujitsu Adopts Sierra Pinnacle for 90nm and 65nm Designs

Sierra Design Automation has announced that Fujitsu Limited is deploying Sierra Pinnacle for its 90nm and 65nm designs. Sierra Pinnacle is now a part of Fujitsu's design methodology and addresses the requirements of high end designs, including high capacity, high performance and multiple design modes/multiple process corners.

Sierra is focused on providing semiconductor designers with innovative IC implementation solutions to address the challenges occurring at the 90nm, 65nm, and below. Sierra Pinnacle enables concurrent and scalable multi-mode/multi-corner analysis and optimization of all design metrics, including timing, area, power, and signal integrity. A timing view is typically required for each mode/corner scenario and the traditional physical implementation solutions were designed to handle only one timing view at a time. One of Sierra's unique architectural differentiations is the ability to handle any number of timing views of the design while minimally impacting runtimes or memory requirements.

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