UGS Introduces NX CAM Express

UGS launches NX CAM Express - a new computer-aided design (CAD) neutral, Numerical Control (NC) programming application that can be used independently or as an integral part of the popular UGS Velocity Series portfolio of PLM solutions for the mid-market.

NX CAM Express will be sold in CAD neutral packages, aimed at key machining requirements, and offered as an integrated system with NX, UGS' next-generation suite of integrated, fully associative CAD/CAM/CAE applications or Solid Edge software, UGS' powerful 3D CAD software, allowing expansion into wider PLM solutions from UGS. It will also be offered as a modular solution, with packages designed to meet key opportunities such as high speed machining and programming multi-function mill-turns or five axis machines. When correctly utilized, these machines can offer significant improvements in machine shop efficiency or enable the machining of more complex parts. NX CAM Express can help customers to maximize the utilization of these advanced machines through built-in guidance on best practices and optimum machining methods.

The NX CAM Express software will be offered in pre-configured programming environments that automatically set the system to suit users working on key type of machining such as two and half axis machining, mold and die or five-axis machining. This provides access to the full power of the system, while maintaining ease of use. New users can take advantage of tutorials that are provided with the software, walking users through typical tasks and reducing the need for off-the-job training.

Each NX CAM Express package, including NX CAM Express Mill-Turn and the NX CAM Express Three-Axis Milling, is provided with tool-path verification, a post processor build and edit application, CAD translators and a machining parameters database. The software automatically selects key machining parameters from this database according to the machining operation, such as roughing or finishing, and the stock material, the tool dimensions and the targeted machine tool. This database will address the majority of materials machined in mold and die work. Programming automation tools in the form of UGS' Feature Based Machining and the Machining Wizard Builder also are included in each package to speed programming and make the tasks easier for less experienced users - increasing the use of proven methods and resources in the shop.

For advanced multi-function machines such as mill-turns, UGS is offering Machine Tool Support Kits to solve the issue of obtaining effective post processors and accurate machining simulation. The first of these kits will be released with NX CAM Express.

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