New Addonics Flash Reader/Writer

Addonics Technologies has today announced a hardware-based encryption reader/writer called Cipher UDD for securing data on Flash media, which comes with choice of USB 2.0 or eSATA connection.

The new Addonics Cipher UDD provides data security for ATA Flash and PCMCIA hard drives and a variety of popular Flash media. The Cipher UDD encrypts/decrypts data on the fly via a hardware key. There is no special software to install or password to remember. Once encrypted, the Flash media appears as a blank media when it is accessed by other Flash reader/writers, cameras, or any Flash equipment, thus preventing unauthorized access to any confidential or sensitive data.

Built on the same platform as the previously released Addonics Pocket UDD, the Cipher UDD offers the same interface flexibility via either the USB 2.0 or eSATA port with the appropriate Addonics USIB interface cable attached. Since the encryption and decryption do not require any special software, the Cipher UDD can be used on almost any system that has a USB or eSATA port. The Cipher UDD provides portability and convenience while ensuring data security to all popular Flash media.

The Addonics approach to encryption offers several advantages over software-based and other hardware solutions. These include:
- Full disk or full media encryption. This makes Addonics encrypted media much harder to hack because the drive or media appear as blank media when accessed without the Cipher key.
- Addonics hardware encryption adds no measurable impact to the performance of any system.
- Portability. The reader/writer can be accessed on any system with practically any operating system as long as the user has the Cipher key. Most software encryption solutions require each system to have same software to access the data. Other hardware encryption solutions are limited to a single interface vs. multiple interface support. The Addonics approach is the most flexible while not compromising security.
- The same cipher key can be used across the entire family of Addonics encryption products including Addonics Saturn Cipher and Jupiter Cipher hard drive-based solutions.
- The Cipher UDD is the first product in the market to support and encrypt such a wide range of flash formats.

Cipher UDD is equipped with a standard type II PCMCIA Slot. Standard PCMCIA hard drives and ATA Flash cards can be added and removed from the Cipher UDD like any removable media. To read/write to other flash media, Addonics provides the adapters to convert the flash media to PCMCIA form factor. The adapters can be purchased separately or as a bundled solution. When used with the Addonics optional CF DigiAdapter or the 4-in-1 CUDD DigiAdapter, the Cipher UDD can read/write to most popular Flash media including: CF-I, CF-II, Smart Media, Memory stick, Secure Digital Card, Multimedia Card or Micro Drive. Maximum data transfer rates are up to 480 Mbits/sec (60 MB/sec) data transfer for USB 2.0 or up to 1.500 Mbits/sec (150 MB/sec) data transfer for eSATA.

The mobility, security of data encryption, fast data transfer rates, flexible USB or eSATA design interface, and support for all the popular flash media types make the Cipher UDD an indispensable storage device for all mobile users and desktop PCs.

The Cipher UDD supports Windows 98/SE, Me, 2000, XP, Mac OS X, Solaris 9 and higher; and Linux kernel 2.4 or higher. The device measures 4.63 in (W) x 5.4 in (D) x .98in (H) and weighs just eight ounces.

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