Alpha ZIP v. 1.2 Compression Tool Is Shipping

Whirling Dervishes Software and Neobyte Solutions have released Alpha ZIP v. 1.2, an intuitive Windows file compression utility that makes it easy for beginners to zip and unzip files. Alpha ZIP presents a fresh, friendly interface that takes the frustration out of compressing and decompressing files.

Version 1.2 includes a new setup feature that lets software developers distribute their application downloads in archives that are easier for their prospects and customers to use. When users click Alpha ZIP's setup option, they're presented with an easy-to-understand set of instructions for installing and running their new software. Version 1.2 also features a fresh approach to the processing of self-extracting files.

With Alpha ZIP, business and home users can download and send files, documents, and images quicker and more easily. The program shrinks files, and lets you send them safely across the Internet. Alpha ZIP takes the complexity out of zipping and unzipping files. Its intuitive process lets you identify what files you're processing, where they're located, and exactly what you're doing with the files.

Alpha ZIP is completely integrated with Windows, making file compression a snap. All of its archiving operations are one right-click away. Alpha ZIP's archives behave exactly like ordinary Windows folders, so there are no new procedures to learn. You can even compress a group of files and email them, in a single operation.

While most people use compression software for files that they download or email, Alpha ZIP has other time-saving uses. You can easily archive old records and documents that you rarely use. Alpha ZIP will compress them to a tiny fraction of their original size, and make them available when they're needed. By shrinking files and saving disk space, you avoid the need to buy new disk drives as you accumulate more and more data on your computer.

Alpha ZIP includes all of the features that you would expect in a high-end archiving program. The built-in integrity check tells you if your files are healthy. In addition to ZIP files, the program also handles RAR, TAR, CAB, LHA, LHZ, JAR, TQZ, and all formats, old and new. Alpha ZIP is fully integrated with the most popular virus scanners.

Whether you're a software developer who wants to provide your users with a more sophisticated setup to install your application, a home user who wants an intuitive interface for doing occasional zipping and unzipping, a business person who needs a rock-solid application that will speed up the emailing of documents, or a student who needs to shrink and manage huge amounts of information, Alpha ZIP has the tools that you need.

Alpha ZIP v. 1.2 runs under Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003.

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