SanDisk Ships World's Fastest Extreme IV CompactFlash Cards

SanDisk makes a sensation in the flash-cards world with unveiling its new SanDisk Extreme IV line of CompactFlash digital film cards made specially for professional photographers. This line is targeted at professional photographers who require the largest capacities for their medium format and high-end digital single lens reflex cameras. The SanDisk Extreme IV cards are available in capacities of up to 8-gigabytes and deliver minimum read and write speeds of 40 megabytes per second. That makes these SanDisk's products the fastest flash memory cards available at the moment. This fast card speed is critical especially when shooting large numbers of high-resolution images.

SanDisk additionally introduces the new SanDisk Extreme FireWire reader. This device can transfer images from the SanDisk Extreme IV cards to a computer at speeds up to 40MB/sec. The company also will continue to offer the SanDisk Extreme III and SanDisk Ultra II lines.

SanDisk Extreme IV cards line uses Enhanced Super-Parallel Processing technology, developed by SanDisk, that combines fast NAND flash memory chips and controller designs, 32-bit RISC processing and advanced algorithms in an architecture that streamlines every aspect of read and write data transfer operations. Medium format cameras and digital backs produce large files that must be processed and then saved to the card quickly. Their firmware lets photographers save RAW and high-end JPEG images faster so they can continue to shoot without losing their rhythm. High-end digital SLRs may also show increased performance with the SanDisk Extreme IV cards. The SanDisk Extreme IV cards are available in 2-, 4- and 8GB capacities.

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