Sony Issues New HD Camcoders for Home Theater Fans

Sony says it has released HDR-UX1 and HDR-SR1 Handycam camcorders made specially for home theater fans. The listed are the first consumer camcorders to record in full 1080i HD resolution and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. While the HDR-UX1 model records directly to readily-available, 3" DVD discs for effortless playback and sharing, the HDR-SR1 camcorder's built-in 30GB hard drive facilitates mass video storage as well as in-camcorder and PC editing.

Sony's freshly released HD camcorders bring home movies fully into the home theater fold. The camcoders feature HDMI outputs for simple, one-cord connection to an HD television with no data conversion and subsequent degradation of picture quality. Dolby Digital 5.1 assures a life-like audio experience when viewing your home movies. This experience can be even enhanced with the Sony ECM-HW1 Bluetooth wireless microphone. The product amplifies the center channel sound of the multi-point surround system and even lets you record them wirelessly up to 100 feet away. The HDR-SR1 model records more than ten hours of HD video in long play mode. You can extend the recording time of the HDR-UX1 model up to an hour in long play mode by using Sony's new +R double-layer, single-sided DVD.

HD content recorded on DVDs with either the HDR-UX1 or HDR-SR1 models can be played back on Blu-ray Disc devices, such as the forthcoming Sony BDP-S1 player and PlayStation 3. Standard DVD drives on compatible PCs can also play back these DVDs with the bundled software. Both support the new AVCHD camcorder recording format based on the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 codec for video compression and Dolby digital audio. This technology makes it possible to not only achieve high-quality HD video and audio, but also produce camcorders that are power efficient and compact. Both models allow for quick data transfer from the camcorder to a compatible PC for playback and editing. The hard disk drive unit also features Sony's One Touch Disc Burn button for easy DVD creation using a PC.

The camcorders feature Sony's ClearVid CMOS Sensor and Enhanced Imaging Processor technologies. They provide high-resolution and heightened sensitivity for virtually smear-free video with vivid color and clarity. Other benefits include four-megapixel digital still capture, a Dual Record function that allows you to shoot video and simultaneously capture 2.3 megapixel stills, and a Smooth Slow Record function to shoot video in slow motion. Both models are also equipped with an advanced Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens to ensure true-to-life color saturation and minimize unwanted glare and flare from reflected light. Even while shooting, the camcorders' extra-large, 3.5-inch SwivelScreen LCD screens display video with high-contrast and optimal color due to Sony's Clear Photo Plus LCD technology. Video is easy to view on screen from any angle and in virtually any environment. The screens double as touch-sensitive control panels, giving easy access to many of the camcorders' settings.

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