Sorenson Media' SqueezeHD XCEL Accelerator Platform is Released

Sorenson Media has announced the immediate availability of Sorenson SqueezeHD XCEL, a new PCI-X accelerator platform/plug-in board based on innovative, fully software-definable technology.

The Sorenson SqueezeHD XCEL encoding solution is a PC plug-in board that dramatically accelerates key processor-intensive encoding tasks such as motion estimation and image transforms. Using four highly parallel processors that total more than 16.000 parallel computing elements, Sorenson SqueezeHD XCEL can encode MPEG-2 1920x1080 content at 30 frames per second on a properly configured system. Lower resolutions can achieve faster than real-time performance.

Sorenson SqueezeHD XCEL hardware accelerates all the MPEG-2 encoding options found in Sorenson Squeeze, including resolutions (SD & HD) up to 1920 x 1080, and works effectively alongside video capture cards from multiple vendors to provide effective capture and encoding in a single system. Sorenson SqueezeHD XCEL is fully software programmable, and contains a built-in roadmap to other HD formats as they become available. For example, planned future Sorenson SqueezeHD XCEL codecs include H.264/AVC, JPEG-2000 and Windows Media/VC1.

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