Inlet Technologies Ships Semaphore 2.0

Inlet Technologies has released Semaphore 2.0, a significant upgrade of its software solution for automating the quality review process. This latest product release extends the unique analysis capabilities of Semaphore to all of the major formats for advanced media encoding: AVC (MPEG-4/H.264), VC-1 and Windows Media 9. Semaphore's advanced new features streamline Quality Control, so media professionals can meet their standards for the highest quality output without wasting resources on the tedious, time-consuming task of visually evaluating their video frame by frame.

Incited Media is currently working with large content holding companies to encode their libraries for web download. This content is created for the wide variety of movie download stores that are gaining popularity with the online audience.

New features in Semaphore 2.0 include Watch Folders and Enhanced Reporting, which continue to improve the efficiency of the QC process, increasing throughput by a 5 to 10x factor over "manual" QC processes. Semaphore "watches" for source files within a central directory and then moves them automatically through QC, applying the user's customized, job-specific parameters for metrics such as maximum bit rate, dropped frames or quantization level. Semaphore then generates reports and sends them via email to the user's pre-designated recipient list. The reports are available in a variety of formats, including HTML, for easy comprehension and legibility. Beta customers for Semaphore 2.0 also highlight the benefits of Semaphore's automated alerts, which pinpoint encoding errors or trouble spots, for quick, frame-accurate corrections.

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