L International Computers Announces the Hollywood Pro Laptop

L International Computers has announced its plans for a state-of-the-art laptop called the Hollywood Pro. The new Hollywood Pro laptop is the world's most capable high-end laptop design, featuring a 4-way processor architecture with Intel's new Woodcrest Xeon 5100 Series CPUs, and with a fully modular design, upgradeable to the new Clovertown Processor Series due in 2007 as simple a drop in CPU replacement, capable of transforming the Hollywood Pro into an infernal, 8-way, data-crunching machine.

With a performance rivaling and far surpassing most high-end desktop workstations currently in the market, the 17", 1920x1200 UltraSpeed LCD Display Hollywood Pro features Intel's new workstation processor architecture, with a 4MB L2 cache shared between each of its two cores and a 1333MHz Dual-Independent Bus architecture with a core clock speed of 3.0GHz and a mere 85W peak power consumption per CPU.

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