Samsung Starts 60-nm 8-GB NAND Flash Memory Chip Manufacturing

Samsung Electronics says it has started mass producing an 8-Gigabit NAND flash memory device, which provides a larger storage density for consumer and mobile applications, for example, mobile phones, MP3 players and gaming consoles. This multi-level-cell memory is being produced with 60-nanometer process technology, which is the smallest in the whole worldat the moment. Samsung's 8Gb NAND flash memory was developed in September 2004 and it is the 5th consecutive NAND flash memory to follow the New Memory Growth Model of double density growth every 12 months.

Mass production of the new 8Gb memory lets Samsung Electronics to offer an 8GB solution by vertically stacking two 4GB packages, each package carrying a vertical stack of four 8Gb dies. The 8GB NAND memory chip can store 2.000 MP3 files or 225 min. of DVD-quality video. The new Samsung's product is expected to be available in the Q3 2006.

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