24/7 Real Media Unveils Decide DNA 6

24/7 Real Media has announced a new version of its SEM platform, Decide DNA 6, to help search marketers more efficiently automate, streamline and manage the entire campaign management process. The platform also ensures greater continuity and revenue generating potential of SEM campaigns by quickly adapting to the constant flow of new features and technology requirements introduced by the big three US search engines and major search, content and shopping engines worldwide.

Despite its complexity, sophisticated marketers are increasingly turning to search marketing, creating a strong demand for more robust SEM tools and flexible managed services. According to JupiterResearch's 2006 US SEM Executive Survey, the share of search marketers with annual revenues of $15 million or more has risen by almost 12 percent since 2005. The survey also concludes that the share of sophisticated marketers using bid management and Web analytic tools has increased to 26 percent in 2006, from 19 percent in 2005.

As equally important as the need for more sophisticated tools is the ability for search engine marketers to adapt to the ever-changing features and application interfaces put forth by major search engines. These frequent and typically unannounced updates can cause serious disruptions to a marketer's SEM campaigns - and hence their revenue generating ability - until the marketer upgrades its SEM platform to conform to the new features.

The next-generation Decide DNA 6 technology incorporates proprietary processes and methodologies for managing complex and comprehensive search marketing campaigns, including search engine optimization, bid management, paid placement and paid inclusion, all in a single platform. As with previous versions, Decide DNA 6 can seamlessly scale to support several millions of keywords deployed across multiple search engines, and in multiple countries, currencies and languages, including the double-byte Asian character set. Complementing the technology are a full suite of SEM support services and tools such as campaign analysis, creative development, landing page optimization and other offerings that make 24/7 Real Media a true, end-to-end SEM provider.

To improve advertiser ROI, Decide DNA 6 continuously analyzes the SEM campaign to determine the most profitable creative units, keywords, landing pages and other elements, and automatically adjusts its keyword bids based on parameters defined by the advertiser. By separating the keywords from the creative, campaign managers can evaluate the performance of each individual creative based on profitability metrics instead of simple impression and click-through data.

Decide DNA 6 also lays the foundation for end-to-end purchase funnel analysis. Search engine marketers will have the ability to diagnose abandonment in the purchase funnel - from keywords, to impressions of each creative unit, to clicks to the landing page, to an acquisition event - and optimize the campaign in real time according to client objectives. Campaigns may be optimized based on a variety of metrics including branding, number of clicks, cost per acquisition, and return on investment.

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