Declude's Solution Has Commtouch's Zero-Hour Virus Protection

Declude says that it has integrated Commtouch's Zero-Hour virus protection and real-time spam blocking capabilities into its Email vulnerability detection solution.

Declude's Email defense system incorporates anti-virus, anti-spam, hijack prevention and Security Flaw Scanning (SFS) into a single offering - providing companies with a unified Email solution for protecting both inbound and outbound messages. SFS is a proprietary vulnerability detection system designed to identify and block Structurally Flawed Email for greater protection against unwanted email.

Commtouch's Recurrent Pattern Detection engine immediately detects spam and virus outbreaks as they are mass-distributed over the Internet without the need for a specific signature or content-based filter. This allows Declude to provide Zero-Hour virus protection to its customers, protecting them in the earliest minutes of any attack, long before traditional anti-virus signatures become available. In addition, Declude's customers will benefit from Commtouch's industry leading spam blocking rate and high accuracy levels.

The Commtouch RPD technology is initially being integrated into the Declude Security Suite for IMail and SmarterMail. This functionality will also be fully integrated into the late August launch of Declude's Interceptor gateway product.

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