SalesGenius Integrates with Microsoft Outlook Incorporated has announced the integration of Microsoft Outlook with the SalesGenius on-demand application, along with the addition of several new SalesGenius features that increase functionality and ease of use. SalesGenius is the first and only web service that lets sales reps instantly qualify prospects by tracking individual visits to corporate web sites, without any programming or IT involvement.

The integration of SalesGenius and Outlook means that the roughly 400 million Outlook users worldwide can now easily send 'Genius'-enabled e-mails and get all the benefits of SalesGenius tracking capabilities, directly from Outlook. A simple wizard-based process installs a "Send with SalesGenius" menu option in Outlook. Users simply compose an e-mail in Outlook, include one or more links to their web sites, and click to send fully trackable Genius e-mails. The Genius Tracker instantly shows e-mail opens and web site visits for all recipients.

A free download of the Genius Plug-in for Outlook is availablehere.

A 15-day free trial of SalesGenius is availablehere.

In response to SalesGenius customer feedback, has also added other significant feature enhancements to make targeted customer communication even easier and more effective.

- Message Assist:
SalesGenius now includes tools that advise users on message deliverability, increasing the likelihood of delivery and decreasing the chance that messages will inadvertently get lost in spam folders.

- One-Click Prospect Follow-up:
SalesGenius now makes it easier for users to move seamlessly from analyzing e-mail responses to taking follow-up action. With one click users can send follow-up e-mails based on prospect behavior. For example, a user can send a follow-up e-mail to all contacts who opened the previous e-mail but then didn't follow up and click the link to the web site.

- Create Custom Fields:
SalesGenius now lets users create custom contact fields to supplement the standard SalesGenius contact form. This makes it easier for users to map fields when importing contacts from other contact management systems.

- Easy Contact Clean-Up:
SalesGenius SmartGroups segment contacts who have "opted out" or bounced back for easy updating of the contact list.

- Filtered Export to Excel:
To fine-tune their e-mail lists, users can now filter and export contacts based on specific characteristics.

- Login Preferences:
Users can now specify their time-out preferences so their account stays active during brief interruptions.

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