iTRACS' New Contracts

iTRACS has secured seventeen new contract wins for its Intelligent Physical Layer Manager software solution. In total, iTRACS will deliver an additional 427.935 ports across the City, representing the largest numbers of new ports deployed by any single vendor over the last six-month period.

The wins indicate a growing trend in the way companies, particularly in the finance sector, tackle networking faults, expansion, security, and upgrade their networks. The solution allows IT departments complete visibility of the network, allowing them to identify and isolate network problems quickly without having to leave their desks. For instance, they can identify and disable the connection of an unauthorised laptop accessing data from the network, or identify faulty cabling or link connections preventing the network from performing at full capacity. IT staff can also plan their upgrades more accurately, allowing them to significantly reduce the amount of trial and error that results in prolonged network outage and downtime, and ultimately, missed SLAs.

With its domination of physical network management deals in the City and success in other sectors such as media, legal and education, iTRACS has exceeded its own sales targets for the first two quarters of the year.

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