Emulex Drives 4 Gb/s Adoption

Emulex Corporation has reached over 80 OEM design wins for its 4 Gb/s fibre channel technology solutions. Emulex 4 Gb/s design wins in 2006 include projects with HP, Sun, EMC and NetApp and most recently, a partnership with IBM to incorporate Emulex LightPulse LP1105-BC dual-channel HBAs into the IBM BladeCenter.

Collaboration with server and storage vendors enable businesses to fully leverage Emulex HBAs, increasing performance by up to 40 per cent, and enhancing availability for the efficient transfer of critical data.

Since pioneering 4 Gb/s technology in 2005, with a first to market design win for HP and the 4Gb/s PCI Express HBAs, and a Bull win with CEA to develop the largest supercomputer in Europe (several hundred- 4 Gb/s Emulex HBAs), Emulex continues to drive fibre channel availability and predicts the adoption of 8Gb/s as early as 2008.

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