AcroPlot Repro Is Released

CADzation has announced the release of AcroPlot Repro. AcroPlot Repro is a new tool for enhanced printing of PDF and DWF files on large-format engineering plotters and copiers.

AcroPlot Repro can be used as a direct replacement for the Ghostscript utility used in plotting software such as KIP Powerprint, Oce Repro Desk, or virtually any other application that uses Ghostscript to process PDF files for plotting and printing.

Most large-format plotters and their associated plotting software have not kept up with the advances in PDF and DWF technology. In addition, a large majority of architectural, engineering, and reprographic firms on a global basis are still maximizing their investments with their older plotting equipment. AcroPlot Repro is a simple and cost-effective software solution that enables firms to optimize large-format PDF productivity on existing and new plotting equipment without changing their production workflow.

"We replaced Ghostscript on all our Oce 9800 plotters running Repro Desk with AcroPlot Repro, which now makes it possible to print PDF files at higher quality. We also use it on all our other plotters or just to batch-convert PDF files to TIFF. AcroPlot Repro is easy for our production staff to use, quick to install, and gives us additional options for PDF and DWF plotting that our clients need, " said John E. Scalia, President, AA Blueprint Company, Inc.

AcroPlot Repro is a software application that will pre-process PDF, DWF, and PLT files for large-format plotters and printers. It also has the ability to run inside the KIP Powerprint and the Oce Repro Desk plot submission software as a direct replacement to the Ghostscript software utility for seamless plot job processing and submission. AcroPlot Repro is optimized for converting large-format PDF and DWF files with lines merge support. These files, in the past, have proven to cause problems for Ghostscript, which is optimized for small-format files and not PDF files that contain engineering sheet sizes.

AcroPlot Repro also has additional adjustments for brightness, contrast, dithering type, and optimized memory usage levels to maintain conversion speed and quality.

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