ARX Signs Agreement with Comodo

Algorithmic Research (ARX) and Comodo have signed an agreement to offer Comodo's Web Trusted certificates for use with CoSign Electronic Signatures.

CoSign's use of Comodo's Web Trusted certificates will enable third-party users to verify documents signed by CoSign's standard digital signatures within applications such as Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat, without having to download or install any additional software components or certificates which is typical for other electronic signature solutions.

An advantage of using a Standard PKI-based signature is that when applying a standard signature to a document, for example a PDF document, the signature is embedded in the document. This means the signature travels together with the document when it is sent to another user.

The one piece of the puzzle that is normally missing is that the ability to verify the signature requires the "root certificate" from the organization that applied the signature. The issuing of the Comodo certificates will be done completely transparently to the organization. According to Aharoni, it would work between the CoSign device and the Comodo CA and will be a standard feature of the future release of CoSign Version 4.

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