BMC's Fully Integrated Closed-Loop Client Management Solution

BMC Software has delivered the industry's first fully integrated closed-loop client (desktop, laptop, PDA) management solution, further accelerating Business Service Management (BSM) value for customers.

Designed to be a fully automated solution for IT operations teams, the BMC closed-loop client management solution combines the disciplines of change and configuration management, software asset management, auto-discovery and identity and access management to yield significant improvements in both client reliability and security. The BMC solution contrasts starkly with the disconnected suites sold by competitors which require IT to coordinate disjointed application silos and result in a profusion of manual input errors, security lapses, incomplete compliance audit trails, and ongoing inefficiency due to the lack of integration and automated cross-solution workflow.

Provided with built-in workflow and policies to manage all aspects of the change lifecycle, the BMC solution significantly reduces cost and risk in four specific areas: asset deployment, provisioning of access rights, software configuration and maintenance, and software license compliance. In addition, by maintaining process control throughout all four phases of desktop changes - authorize, implement, verify, comply - IT organizations can ensure that changes are efficiently and verifiably executed as authorized.

Built with embedded best practices, based on both customer experience and industry standards such as the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), the BMC closed-loop client management solution provides an automated way to implement change without the failings of out-dated solutions that depend upon siloed tools, unreliable manual processes or expensive customizations.

To meet that customer need, BMC provides the industry's only out-of-the- box, best practices-based closed-loop client management solution that automates both tasks within and handoffs between change planning and authorization, execution and maintenance of software deployment or settings changes, verification of the new configurations, and tracking of software licenses and change audit trail for compliance. The status of change execution is continuously updated in the change ticket, maintaining complete audit trail transparency of the process for monitoring and reporting.

The solution also includes an ITIL-recommended integrated definitive software library (DSL), which provides consistent, normalized software descriptions and links to the customer's "golden master" software. The BMC solution's DSL maintains consistency among change, asset and policy-based software configuration management tools to ensure that only the latest version of authorized, licensed software is deployed. As a result, the BMC closed- loop client management solution enables continuous, proactive software license management in contrast to today's after-the-fact software license compliance reporting approaches.

In addition, BMC delivers the only client management solution that includes automatic integration to a policy-based identity management solution. Employee status changes requiring modifications to secure applications or infrastructure access can now be initiated and managed together, improving security and efficiency.

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