IOGEAR's 2.4GHz Wireless Multimedia Keyboard / Mouse Combo

Office workers are free to move around the room while presenting, and home users can control their computers up to 33 feet away with IOGEAR's new 2.4GHz Wireless Multimedia Keyboard / Mouse Combo, consisting of a USB receiver, keyboard and optical mouse.

Connected to the computer wirelessly with a USB receiver, the multimedia keyboard and mouse offer mobility in conference rooms. The 800 dpi optical mouse requires minimal movement, enabling presenters to stand or walk around the room. During corporate meetings, the keyboard can be shared among team members for document editing.

When used at home, the Combo provides convenience for computers connected to TVs and media centers, allowing use of the mouse and keyboard from virtually anywhere in the room. Thanks to the mouse's accuracy on most surfaces, consumers are able to utilize it on coffee tables and arm rests while relaxing on the couch.

The USB receiver serves as a charging cradle for the optical mouse, eliminating the need to buy new batteries every couple of months. Operating at 2.4GHz, the Combo is Wi-Fi friendly, providing minimal interference with wireless networks.

The multi-language keyboard, designed with a low-degree tilt to ensure comfortable typing and avoid wrist injury, enables users to type in English, French and Spanish. It contains multimedia keys that allow instant access to a variety of common applications and tasks, including email, volume control, CD play and pause, media player and Web browsing. The Combo also comes with software for the PC to utilize the keyboard's enhanced function keys. Completely customizable, they can be programmed to launch favorite Web sites, making Internet navigation more efficient and convenient.

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