Limerick Releases MT1 Software for iPod, Mobiles, PCs and PDAs

Limerick, Ireland-based MagneticTime, is expanding its presence in the US market. MT1 software allows business people, students, educators, writers, lawyers, homemakers and busy people from all walks of life to listen to emails and Word documents on the move on their iPod, mobile phone, PDA or PC by automatically converting these files to the MP3 format on these portable devices. Three versions of MT1 are currently available. They are MT-iPod, MT-Phone and MT-Portable. Each comes with a desktop player that allows emails and Word documents to be played on a PC or laptop.

Everyone from road warriors to high school students to the visually impaired can use MT1 as a day-to-day personal and business tool or listening to messages from friends or relatives. In addition, there has been increasing interest for the applications use in training, corporation communications and education.

MT1 works with Windows 2000 and XP, and various versions of MS Word, Outlook and Outlook Express. Documents and emails are stored on the mobile device and PC in libraries the same way as songs.

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