83% of Users Satisfied with Outsmart's Plug 'n Talk Service

Outsmart has announced that according to recent surveys conducted by several European mobile service providers, 83% of existing users have a positive general opinion of the Plug 'n Talk service. The service allows users to make and receive Video and Voice calls, send SMS and MMS through their PCs over their mobile network, effectively transforming any PC into a 3G mobile phone.

Part of Outsmart's SmartFMC convergence solution, the Plug 'n Talk service was successfully launched at the 3GSM World Congress last February. Outsmart teamed up with Telefonica, Spain's largest mobile operator, to offer a live deployment of fixed-mobile convergence, deploying the first service of seamless integration of voice over IP communications through a PC and a mobile network.

The surveys were initiated by several European service providers, and conducted at their applicable markets. Both subscribers and non-subscribers to the service providers were surveyed. Those surveyed included both residential and business users, and the surveys had a 4% margin of error.

Asked their general opinion of the service, 83% of subscribers said it was "positive". Among non-subscribers, after having the service features explained to them, 78% responded with a "positive" general opinion of the service. In addition to the general opinion of the service, the most common aspects of the service users liked about it was that it enables video calling between PCs and 3G mobile handsets and they are able to use it while traveling. The non-business segment showed interest in the following features: voice, content downloading, SMS and video calls.

Among business users, 91% of those surveyed said that the Plug 'n Talk was either "extremely user friendly" or "mostly simple and straightforward" while only 6% said that the service was "slightly complicated" or "difficult." The business segment showed interest in the following features: voice while roaming, SMS, simultaneous ringing, calling from Outlook contacts and video calls.

Among existing subscribers over 50% said they would want to pay a monthly fee for the service, 83% indicated that they were likely to subscribe to the service. Among the service provider's non-subscribers, over 40% said they were likely to switch to a service provider who provides the service.

The Plug 'n Talk is a preloaded soft phone on a USB memory stick. Once loaded into a PC, the Plug 'n Talk service allows customers numerous services including PC-to-PC calls, PC-to-phone calls, video calls, SMS, MMS, content download and synchronization with Outlook. Additionally, the service provides the option for a new mobile number for the PC or the ability to retain the same number as a user's handset, including simultaneous ringing between the PC and the handset.

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