Hitachi Data Systems Introduces Virtual Tape Library

Hitachi Data Systems has introduced Virtual Tape Library (VTL) by Hitachi Data Systems. Virtual Tape Library by Hitachi Data Systems is a new approach to optimised data back-up and protection made available through a global re-seller agreement with Diligent Technologies. As part of Hitachi's Application Optimized Storage solutions approach – which matches specific application requirements with storage attributes – the new solution comprises scalable enterprise-class offerings that emulate tape libraries, enabling existing backup applications to use disk, rather than tape, as their backup medium.

This VTL solution for both mainframe and open systems environments allows customers to enjoy all the advantages of disk-to-disk backup without having to make changes to their existing backup environment, policies, or procedures—with a lower total cost of ownership than conventional tape library technology. Featuring Diligent's ProtecTIER VT with HyperFactor data de-duplication technology, this VTL solution eliminates redundant data while maintaining 100 percent data integrity—radically reducing physical storage needs by up to 25 times or more.

As organisations look to move beyond tape - currently the predominant storage medium for long-term retention-utilising disk storage technology for backup and recovery operations has become an attractive method of improving reliability, reducing backup windows, achieving greater data throughput performance and ensuring rapid recovery. Until now, however, the migration to current disk-based solutions causes disruption and costly downtime in legacy IT systems.

The new VTL solution by Hitachi Data Systems requires no changes to existing backup policies, practices, or procedures. Because the virtual tape solutions appear to the backup application as one or many real tape libraries, the backup application accesses drives, robotics, and cartridges just as it would a physical tape library. Since the data actually resides on disk, users experience dramatic improvements to backup and recovery operations.

Hitachi Data Systems offers Virtual Tape Library Solutions with VTF Open, and ProtecTIER VT for Open Systems environments; and VTF Mainframe for mainframe environments. Virtual Tape Library Solutions by Hitachi Data Systems works seamlessly with all major computer platforms and operating systems, including various versions of UNIX, Microsoft Windows, and mainframe systems.

As a complement to the VTL solution, Hitachi Data Systems is introducing a suite of Backup Assessment Services that will identify and reduce risks with existing backup processes, enable customers to align their backup environment with their strategic business objectives, service-level agreements and standard operating procedures and implement the right solution to satisfy the customers' backup and restore requirements.

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