PNY Introduces Attach? PRO Flash Drive

PNY Technologies introduces its new flash drive Attach? Pro which will soon become an icon in the market as an ultra high speed and highly secured solution.

Reaching a write speed of 17MB/s and up to 29MB/s read speed, Attach? Pro will soon be considered as a new performance standard by high-tech addicted people. Thanks to this very high speed, you will be able to fully enjoy the important storage capacities offered. Attach? Pro will be available in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB, allowing you to transfer your big presentations, charts or videos in few seconds.

Beside its speed and performance the Attach? Pro is one of the highest secured Flash drives in the market. The Attach? Pro allows you to protect your data thanks to the Secure Lock software. Whereas most of the software currently proposed on flash drives need to be installed on your computer, Secure Lock is pre-loaded. The easy to use, Secure Lock function will then enable you to set a password to prevent unauthorised read or write access to all or part of your data.

Secure Lock also highly protects your data thanks to its 128-bit AES encryption system: Indeed, the data you decide to secure will be hidden in a virtual drive that will appear when the correct password is entered.

Main specifications:
Capacities: 1GB, 2GB, 4GB
Writing speed: 17MB/s (113x)
Reading speed: 29MB/s (193x)
Compatible with Windows XP without installing drivers
Dimensions: 80mmx20mmx11mm
Weight: 13 grams
Operating temperature: 0C to 70C
Storage temperature: -20C to 85C.

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