Nikon's World's First Scanner for 45 nm Volume Production

Nikon Corporation has developed the world's first lithography system designed to meet the semiconductor industry's requirements for mass production of 45 nm memory and of 32 nm logic devices. The NSR-S610C, an ArF immersion scanner, includes an advanced 1.30 NA projection lens and POLANO, Nikon's fourth generation polarization technology. The system will also include proprietary Nikon Local Fill Technology and the Tandem Stage, which enable the system to achieve throughput of 130 wafers or more per hour. Systems will start shipping by the end of 2006.

The NSR-S610C is the first scanner capable of printing 45 nm half pitch patterns with sufficient process windows for volume production. When combined with POLANO, the 1.30 NA lens provides the optimal resolution and depth of focus for 45 nm memory structures.

The NSR-S610C builds on the immersion technology developed for the NSR-S609B, the world's first production immersion tool that started shipping in January of 2006. The Nikon Tandem Stage uses two stages with different functions to optimize the performance of the tool for immersion lithography. The Exposure Stage is designed to process at very high rates, while the Calibration Stage is used to calibrate the tool between each wafer exchange. The result is a system with high throughput and improved accuracy. Alignment accuracy has been reduced to 6.5 nm or less. Additionally, any risk of fluctuations or variations over time in the immersion process is eliminated by frequent calibration checks. Nikon Local Fill Technology provides proven defect-free immersion lithography.

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