Samsung Begins Offering of Its GDDR4 Graphics Memory

Samsung Electronics says it begins mass producing the fastest graphics memory called GDDR4 - series four of graphics double-density-rate memory, - which processes images 33% faster than the fastest memory on the market at the moment. Graphics memory is installed in desktop personal computers, notebooks, laptops and workstations to move huge volumes of video images simultaneously. Samsung with the release has increased the performance of GDDR4 and reduced power consumption on a performance equivalency basis. When measured against GDDR3 at the highest comparable speed - 2.0Gb/s, - GDDR4 has showed a 45 percent power savings.

Samsung's GDDR4 uses JEDEC-approved standards for noise reduction, including data bus inversion and multi-preamble specifications, to help attain the highest possible speed. The 512Mb GDDR4 memory will be offered in a 32-bit data bus configuration. The most influensive companies, including NVIDIA, ATI etc., say they are interested in Samsung's new technology.

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