Riverdeep's Destination Success Courseware for iPod Player

Riverdeep has announced its Destination Success courseware can now be played on iPod player, allowing for anywhere, anytime access to its educational content.

Riverdeep works in close partnership with K-12 schools and districts to help them integrate web-based tools in their education environment and provide secure, flexible accessibility to information. Riverdeep also works closely with technology partners like Apple to develop new ways to make education more personalized, relevant and inspiring.

Riverdeep and Apple announced earlier this year that Riverdeep's Destination Success courseware could be hosted on Apple's Mac OS X Server, offering schools and districts an integrated digital learning environment that allows education customers to effectively manage and deliver its interactive learning solutions across networks.

Destination Success is a new approach to reading and math instruction that lets teachers effectively individualize instruction in a real-world classroom. The program combines standard based assessment, learning management, award-winning courseware and professional development to help schools raise test scores, even for at-risk students.

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