2X Issues 2X ThinClientServer PXES Edition 3.0

2X has announced an innovative upgrade and new name for its PXES Linux thin client: 2X ThinClientServer PXES edition 3.0. This edition boasts a completely new architecture, which includes a server component allowing for central management of the connection settings and the thin client OS. The new architecture makes migrating PCs to thin clients and subsequently managing them, much easier and enables desktop virtualization.

Integrated into 2X ThinClientServer PXES edition is the Linux client of 2X ApplicationServer, which allows any Windows application to be tunneled onto the Linux thin client desktop. Administrators can centrally control the Windows applications a user, or group of users, can run - on the Linux desktop.

2X ThinClientserver PXES edition is completely free and supports connections to Linux or Windows terminal servers. A commercial version of 2X ThinClientServer remains available and allows for connections to Citrix terminal servers.

The combination of a Linux desktop with Windows applications allows for tremendous time savings for administrators:
No more patching of desktops
No need to deploy new or updated software on desktops
No more need to update to VISTA or re-install XP
No need to back up data on desktop machines
No Anti Virus / Anti Spyware needed on the desktop
No desktop management & backup software needed.

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