InspireData Is Launched

InspireData, a new tool to visualize, investigate and understand data, has been launched. Now students in grades 4-12 can apply the proven strategies of visual learning to data analysis in science, mathematics and social studies to develop deeper content knowledge, build stronger critical thinking skills and develop data literacy.

Originally funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, InspireData was developed by TERC and is published by Inspiration Software. TERC is an educational research and development lab committed to improving mathematics and science teaching and learning.

InspireData joins Inspiration Software's flagship products, Inspiration and Kidspiration, which have changed the way students develop ideas, organize information and integrate new knowledge across the curriculum.

Using InspireData, students collect, explore and interact with data in a visual, dynamic inquiry process. Students learn new ways to work with data to question, explore, solve problems and draw conclusions in science, mathematics and social studies curriculum. The product supports data visualization with integrated table and plot views so students move instantly from data collection to data analysis, seeing the meaning of data and strengthening their analytical skills.

In the Table View, students easily collect and input data from projects or experiments in a familiar table format. To get started quickly, they can use one of the built-in tools and import capabilities, or use one of the more than 50 curriculum-based databases provided with InspireData. The integrated Plot View supports multiple plot types including Venn, stack, pie and axis. Students can also represent data as it moves over time with animated Time Series. With the Slide Show tool, students capture the sequence of their analysis to present data and conclusions.

As with all Inspiration Software products, InspireData comes with resources to help teachers quickly and easily integrate visual learning into instruction. The accompanying "Classroom Projects" book includes subject-specific lesson plans for science, mathematics and social studies and provides ideas on uses for InspireData, as well as recommended projects and experiments. In addition, more than 50 curriculum-based databases as well as plot examples are included in the product.

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