NetSupport School 8.5 Computer Lab Management Software

As the use of computers and the Internet in schools grows, so does the need for managing the learning process in networked classrooms. With NetSupport School 8.5 classroom management software, teachers and trainers are able to better instruct, monitor, quiz and support students in networked classrooms. The latest update of NSS includes student auto login, internet co-browsing, new group features, new testing options and many key enhancements designed to maximize computer users' productivity in the computer lab.

NetSupport School is a software-only classroom instruction, monitoring and testing tool that enables teachers to train students in the computer lab, simply and effectively. With NSS 8.5, teachers and trainers can make sure that those in the computer lab are making progress on their assigned tasks, using only approved applications and visiting only approved websites. Teachers and trainers can also record all screen, keyboard and mouse activity on a student workstation to review later or replay to the class. From the standpoint of increasingly strapped school technology budgets, the software enables teachers to make the most of the computer lab equipment they already have.

New features in NSS 8.5 include enhanced show and monitor modes for sharper presentation in the classroom. Instructors can also leave a copy of the lesson on student computers for future review increasing student comprehension, and extra options for exam questions offer more flexibility for teachers when lesson planning.

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