Samsung's NV7 OPS Digital Camera Features Slim Design

Samsung says they have launched the new camera - NV7 OPS. The 7-megapixel NV7 OPS has created a new "slim-bridge" product category, packing a 7x Optical zoom into a super-slim body measuring just 4.2" x 2.5" x 0.8". This model also features 2 types of image stabilization—Optical Picture Stabilization, which physically adjusts the CCD to combat handshake and Samsung's Advanced Shake Reduction , electronic image stabilization to ensure a steady, crystal-clear shot in almost any shooting condition.

The NV7 is one of 3 models that make up the NV Series of digital still cameras from Samsung. All the models feature slim designs with sleek bodies in brushed black, stainless steel and a trademark Samsung blue ring located around the lens. This line was developed after two years of extensive market research, and as a result, two of the NV models feature an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface that allows users to easily toggle through menu functions using a convenient touch pad located along the LCD on the back of the camera, instead of the traditional dial located at the top of the camera. The NV7 also features Schneider optics.

The 7-megapixel NV7 includes a Schneider 7x optical zoom lens - equivalent to 38-270 mm in 35 mm format. The NV7 also includes an Optical Picture Stabilization system. The system fights the many causes of blurry images, including handshake, long zoom shooting, long exposures and nighttime shooting, by incorporating a sophisticated CCD shift mechanism that senses motion and that will automatically shift the CCD to compensate for the movement. Also included is Samsung's Advanced Shake Reduction that electronically combats blurry images in environments lacking sufficient lighting.

The NV7 provides multiple manual functions at the user's fingertips. The NV7 features 3 kinds of manual exposure adjustment, including Aperture Priority, which allows more control of depth, Shutter Priority, which allows better capture of fast motion, and Manual adjustment, which allows users to set the shutter and aperture themselves. The NV7 also includes an Auto Macro function that automatically adjusts shooting distance and focus between 10cm to infinity, as well as a super macro mode that enables subjects to be photographed up to as close as 4 cm.

The NV7 can record in VGA - 640x480 - at 30fps. The NV7 also includes a movie stabilizer function that automatically detects and corrects minor lateral and vertical camera movement. The NV7 features several special effects functions for creative control in-camera: as Color Effect, Highlight, Photo Frame, Negative and Composite Shot. Color effects include B/W, sepia, blue, green and red.

The NV7 features 11 scene modes including Night, Portrait, Children, Landscape, Close-up, Sunset, Backlight, Fireworks, Beach & Snow and Text Recognition. Text Recognition allows users to shoot documents such as books, papers etc. and then extract text from the image taken using the bundled "Digimax Reader" text recognition software.

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