Bizgres MPP 2.2 by Greenplum Is Available

Greenplum has announced general availability of its Bizgres MPP 2.2 database. This release delivers significant compatibility, performance and usability improvements and has benefited from input by Greenplum's growing list of production customers and partners.

Bizgres MPP extends the capabilities of the PostgreSQL database system, already widely regarded as best-in-class for enterprise features such as transaction processing, data integrity and security. A PostgreSQL-based, software-only, clustered solution, Bizgres MPP enables organizations to grow their data warehouse capabilities in conjunction with their needs.

Highlights of the new features and capabilities include:
- Optimizer and Sorting performance improvements (developed by the Bizgres open source community)
- Cursor support eases the retrieval and referencing of large result sets
- Full support for all PostgreSQL native data types simplifies the transition from existing PostgreSQL implementations
- Enhanced "Explain Analyze" support improves SQL tuning and application development
- Temporary objects support allows the use of temporary tables, views and sequences
- Improved subquery support enables more complex statements and sophisticated analytics
- PostgreSQL 8.1.4 compatibility and patches leverage the community's latest contributions to PostgreSQL.

Bizgres MPP 2.2 is available for Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X operating systems.

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