UpShot - Photo-editing Software by Bellamax - Is Released

Bellamax releases UpShot, a new photo-editing software. UpShot is aimed at consumer photography enthusiasts and leverages the Bellamax technology currently used in the professional photography market.

Bellamax adapted its professional level product, currently in use in professional photo printing labs for automated photo enhancement, to produce UpShot. By combining proprietary, state-of-the-art, one click automatic correction pro technology, called Fast Fix, and deep editing tools, UpShot provides a full array of editing options. Many users will only need to use Fast Fix to enhance their photos. This is because Fast Fix intelligently analyzes the photo and does segment correction for skin tone, sky, foliage and other "memory" colors to optimally enhance the photo. Most red eye is automatically removed with Fast Fix. Fast Fix produces consistently better results versus the auto correct solutions in any other competitive product.

UpShot also has extensive editing tools designed to make advanced editing easier and completed in fewer steps than other photo-editing software. The product includes embedded tutorials that explain how to use the tools in about two minutes.

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