Mobilic's New Portable Multimedia Development Kit

Mobilic Technology Corporation has announced its new, portable multimedia device solution that combines the features of a digital camera, a personal media player (PMP), Java games, Web browsing and a production-ready development kit. The development kit, called MDK730, is for applications such as cell phones, portable multimedia players, IP cameras and other portable consumer products. The MDK730 is based on Mobilic's MP730 multimedia processor that was introduced in December 2005.

The MDK730 includes a complete set of reference design board schematics, a Gerber file, standard reference software and a software development kit. The reference design board (12cm x 8.5cm) includes a multimedia board, numeric keypad, 2.2" 320x240 TFT LCD display and 1.3 mega-pixel image sensor.

The MP730 multimedia processor provides the highest level of functional integration in the industry, supporting more applications than any other known IC on the market. The MP730, integrates the 200 MHz ARM926EJ CPU, a scaleable image signal processor (supporting sensors up to 12 mega-pixels), a MPEG4 codec, a USB Host and Device, 10/100 MHz Ethernet, SDIO and many other interfaces. The high functional integration of the processor assures lower development costs, more elegant designs and a smaller application footprint.

In addition, the MP730 now also runs on the Linux operating System (OS), which was ported by Mobilic engineers. The addition of the royalty-free Linux OS allows vendors to add to their products some of the most popular features available, such as optical character recognition (OCR), face recognition and voice to text.

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