Foldermail Is Released

Foldermail is a new secure and traceable data delivery technology for sending and receiving large files and complete folders with no size limit. Foldermail offers major advantages over sending data via email, ftp and web transfer or simply mailing information on CDs and USBkeys. And with the increasing volume of emails being sent with large attachments, Foldermail prevents inboxes getting blocked and corporate IP networks grinding to a halt.

Running in the background, Foldermail looks and acts just like normal email and can be integrated into Microsoft Outlook. But Foldermail minimises the impact of heavy data loads by avoiding peak traffic times and preventing unnecessary duplication when sending the same item to multiple recipients.

Applications include sending out rich media presentations, literature, reports and videos to sales offices, partners and agents. For extra impact, the sender can even brand the Foldermail windows that recipients see when they get a mail delivery. And as Foldermail retains complex directory structures, it is a suitable solution for software development, data backup and software, patch or update distribution.

Security is critical and Foldermail has invested heavily in this aspect of the product. Foldermail uses advanced authentication and end-to-end encryption technology so that no unsecured data is ever exposed and it does not compromise the corporate firewall as data is only transferred on Ports 80 and 443. In addition, data is distributed and replicated in transit on secure servers so that no single server holds all the information required to reassemble the content. With this level of security, Foldermail provides a flexible and convenient alternative to VPNs for sharing sensitive data with customers and suppliers. A range of administrator controls allow end-user functionality to be restricted as necessary.

When a foldermail is received, no data is transferred until the user has accepted the invitation that provides information about the files and folders being sent. Foldermail also has extensive progress tracking that allows users to check the delivery status of all sent and received transfers as well as providing a detailed log and archive. And if the connection is lost or a remote user has to shut down, transfer simply picks up from where it left off when connectivity is re-established.

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