Opera Telecom Selects TynTec to Enhance SMS Services

TynTec announces a deal with global mobile services provider Opera Telecom to provide high-quality, international SMS. Under the terms of the agreement, Opera Telecom will be using TynTec to enhance and service clients' needs for high-quality SMS terminated in overseas destinations.

TynTec's SMS MT (Mobile Termination) services offer a high level of quality in SMS transmission at a highly competitive price point. TynTec is unique in its multiple points of access into the deep-level mobile telecoms network, known as the SS7 layer. This access means that the company controls SMS communications from the point of sending directly to the recipient's handset, which enables high throughput, guaranteed timely delivery and massive reliability.

In addition, because TynTec has three different points of access into the SS7 layer the company can offer connectivity to 340 networks in 140 countries meaning that it can provide Opera Telecom with the level of international SMS access necessary to fulfil its clients' needs.

Opera Telecom offers its blue chip, global clients a broad range of mobile services including SMS broadcast. This deal will see TynTec take its place as a partner of choice for Opera Telecom in the highly competitive SMS transmission marketplace.

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